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Moving can be stressful or high excitement. Usually it is a combination of the two.

This guide consists of a series of articles we hope will reduce the stress and turmoil of moving to a new city.

One of the first things you should do is establish a timetable. There are many tasks to accomplish in completing a successful move. A timetable will assist you in making sure everything gets done at the proper time and in the correct sequence.

No move is free.  Even if you are getting assistance in your move, there will still be costs to consider.  By far the largest expense will be to pack and transport your belongings. This simple moving calculator will estimate household weight and give you an idea of what to expect.  Remember, this is only an estimate.  Call a reliable, bonded moving company to give you a more accurate cost.

Next, do your homework. Advance knowledge of your new community goes a long way towards relieving the anxiety of the move. Find out the fundamental statistics about your new community. As your agents, we can give you some of the little details about Hampton Roads that will make the difference in your purchase of the right home.

How does the cost of living at your new location compare with where you now live?  Try the Salary Calculator.

Don't forget the kids! Moving can be quite traumatic for children.  Investigate ways to lessen their fear of the unknown. The web is loaded with good (and bad; you be the judge) information about moving with children.

Finally, it's time to pack. There's an art and a science to packing and moving. We explore the various aspects of packing for an easier move.  How about a few packing tips?

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