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“Curb appeal” is what we call it!  Let your home “smile” a welcome.  A little paint on the trim really sparkles.  Straighten and paint droopy shutters and gutters.  “Neaten up” the front door.  Straighten bent or crooked window blinds and treatments.  Keep shrubs and grass trimmed.  Remove bikes, cars, etc., in need of repair. (Front and back)

PAINT AND SOAP!  On the inside, soap and water work on soiled walls and woodwork.  As parents, we often overlook signs of “little loving hands”.  Sometimes it takes paint, but it’s still one of the best investments you can make to get the best price.

MAKE IT BRIGHT!  Let the sun shine in or turn on the lights!  Lighter is brighter, cheerful and makes rooms look bigger.  Be sure to have bulbs in all fixtures and turn some on in the closets, baths, foyer, hall and stairs, garages, too!

DRIP-DRIP!  Basins, tubs and commodes that make noises and waste water may be taken as a lack of care on your part.  Get handy and put in some new washers.

THE RELUCTANT DRAWER?  In the case of hard to open doors, plane the door down; rub a candle or paraffin on drawer slide tracks.  Broken or bent doorknobs should be replaced and latches should be adjusted to engage.  How about storm or screened doors?  Do they shut without slamming?  Have pets scratched paint off or put holes in screens?  Better fix’em!

BATHROOMS  Darkened grout lines between tiles turn people “off”.  Likewise, bulging tile and open cracks where the tub meets tile.  Stains on fixtures and chipped porcelain are a problem.  They can be fixed with products from your nearest hardware store.  Shower stalls with doors or curtains with accumulated “gunk” and soap film should be cleaned or replaced.  Check soap dishes too!  Keep towels hung neatly.

MAKE IT NEAT!  Make the bed for them!  It makes the room look bigger.  Toys, magazines or papers cluttering the night tables, chests, etc. detract from the room.  Take clothes off backs of doors.  Watch out for scotch tape, masking tape, nail holes, etc. in children’s rooms.  Touch up, fix-up, and it will sell quickly and for a better price!

KITCHEN POLICE!  Whether you like to cook or not, something about a well-kept kitchen makes a person smile!  A poorly kept one, with unwashed dishes or a range with lots of spills, brings frowns.  Assign the “Kitchen Police” duty to someone for the duration of the sale.  Try a few flowers to brighten things up.

A WORD ABOUT PETS  Pets can be the greatest friends and a world of comfort.  But pet odors and dog and cat hair are offensive to some.  Ask a friend or your agent to check your house for these things.  Your love for pets may make you blind to pet odors.  Move the litter box to the garage or to an out of the way area. Give rugs and furniture a good going over with a vacuum.  It pays!  Police the grounds around the house.  Unwary steps can cause problems.



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